Prague: Camping

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Camping

Say camping holiday in Prague and you are left with a deep-seated feeling of ecstasy. And why shouldn’t you be ecstatic? After all, a camping holiday affords the perfect opportunity to discover Prague like no one has discovered her before. There’s no better way to gratify your soul than breathe in the purest of air, gaze wonderingly at the velvety canopy of bright stars, feast on a sumptuous and juicy barbecued feast and get as close to nature as you possibly could, a luxury that we cannot afford in our routine hectic lives.

Camping in Prague is fairly easy with numerous camping sites that have popped outside the city center, open to the public all year round. Some are a mere 15 minutes away, some a good 40 km. It is believed the quality of your camping holiday in Prague can be enhanced greatly by retreating further away from the hustle and bustle. You require to make prior bookings to make your dream of a camping holiday in Prague a reality.