Prague: City Breaks

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague City Breaks

Of all the holiday types one can envision, taking short city breaks in Prague makes the most logical sense. Prague does not disappoint with her extensive architectural gems tucked like little surprises in every nook and corner, with music wafting in the air as sweet as angels singing, with the handmade authentic Czech goodies she peddles. A city break in Prague is like standing on the threshold of a door. Step through it and you will enter the nostalgic and quaint ages of old. On the other side, modernity awaits you with open arms. Such an exquisitely beautiful blend of the best of both worlds!

City breaks in Prague must not be planned diligently. Not too short as with any city in Europe that is so richly loaded with history and tradition. If you intend to do full justice to a city as magnificent in meaning as Prague, you need to have a minimum of 3-4 city breaks. Your understanding and appreciation of her finer points would be wholesome. Remember to invest in a detailed city map as it is quite plausible you might get so enraptured in the natural beauty that you may forget where you’re going and we don’t want you to end up losing your way. A good idea would be to always be in comfortable pumps and refer to 2 publications as your bibles- the Prague Post, a daily and Prague in Your Pocket, a bi-monthly publication to keep you abreast of the most happening events around town.

A meticulously planned city break in Prague, unveiling each of her marvels on every trip, is truly a wonderful and gratifying treat to your soul.