Prague: Corporate Weekend

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Corporate Weekend

A wise move on the part of Prague was not to keep all her eggs in one basket. Though she is famed for her hospitality towards tourists and for delighting them with her magnificent beauty and heritage, she has not restricted herself to just them. She has also been extremely accommodating of the discerning business traveler. And so impressive has been her demeanor towards corporate clients, that she is a pretty much sought after venue for corporate breaks.

What could be a more ideal setting to celebrate or recuperate from the highs and lows of corporate culture than a long-needed break in soothing Prague? For a corporate weekend planned in Prague, she would go the extra mile to blend her unique culture and countless entertainment options to make a lasting impact on her demanding corporate clientele.

When employees suffer from low morale, stress or impoverished team spirit, Prague is most suited to do damage-control and fixing. With archery, paintballing, treasure hunts and other team bonding activities, sports such as golf, bungee jumping etc. to stir one’s spirit of competitiveness, a vibrant nightlife, delectable treats, great conference facilities in most hotels and a glorious culture, Prague lends great final touches to any corporate break.

A team bonding corporate package with accommodation and airport transfers would cost in the region of EUR 600-800 per head.