Prague: Culture and Arts

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Culture and Arts

As she bears the honor of being Central Europe’s pride and joy for her vibrant culture and entertaining art forms, Prague is the perfect holiday destination for the arts and culture buff. As discussed before, Prague is a beautiful amalgamation of her rich past, fulfilling present and promising future.

In Prague, the most visible art forms are monuments which are by-products of the Classical, Baroque and Neo-Renaissance ages. To witness them co-existing peacefully with the futuristic designs of today and see history blur so splendidly with the present is truly mind boggling. The effect that it has on you is not the in least bit jarring. The other art forms that include paintings, prose, poetry, plays, music etc have their roots planted so deep into the Czech soil; their immortality and magnificence are an inspiration to us even today. For a rewarding journey into the golden past, a culture and arts holiday in Prague is an absolute must.