Prague: Disabled Needs

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Disabled Needs

Prague disappoints when it comes to catering to the requirements of disabled people. There is still a lack of facilities for our disadvantaged brethren in this otherwise gracious paradise owing to its harsh topography. However, a positive trend is gradually emerging in that a few restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and public transport carriers such as trams, buses and trains are aspiring to provide the disabled with access to them.

Public transport, though making encouraging strides, is currently not entirely disabled-friendly. Not all trains stations have lifts or ramps to wheel the disabled around. Very few special buses are equipped with ramps. Some of the pedestrian crossing signals make a ticking sound to indicate to the visually impaired that it is safe to cross the street. The Ruzyne airport has responded best to the pleas of the disabled by erecting special toilets, ramps, installing enormous lifts that can accommodate upto 5 wheelchairs and ten passengers at once. Prague Castle and a few of the attractions have vowed to make the holidays of disabled people in Prague a memorable experience by co-operating with Associations dealing with various forms of disability to understand and better provide for facilities that will reduce inconveniences to the disabled and make them feel as comfortable as possible.