Prague: Gay and Lesbian

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Gay and Lesbian

Gays and lesbians will love Prague for a holiday. Why you ask? Because this city is pretty tolerant and isn’t quick to judge them for the choices they have made. Gays and lesbians intending to holiday in Prague will discover the joy of holidaying in a destination that is so accepting of them. Some of the Czechs are still hung up on the shock of discovering that same-sex affection exists much like their morally-conservative Italian brethren. So while most are not totally averse to the idea of gay and lesbian matches what with the Government lending its support to same-sex marriages, it would do you good to not openly flaunt your relationship.

The gay and lesbian scene in Prague is quite happening with plenty of vibrant clubs dedicated to each group. Many plan cute events such as ‘Meet a Partner’ nights, Most are located in the more liberal and open-minded areas such Zizkov, Vinohrady and the New Town.

Publications devoted to covering the gay scene in Prague are the Radnost and Amiga magazine.