Prague: Honeymoon

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Honeymoon

Any European tourist destination is so beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Prague is so utterly gorgeous and bewitching that no one has escaped her charm. But when you’re all warm and flushed in the glow of love and honeymooning in a place as romantic as Prague, it will be doubly hard to not love it…after all, it is the venue that is cementing the foundation of your new and exciting journey together!

The most ideal accommodation for couples holidaying or honeymooning in Prague is a boatel. You can’t resist waltzing in the privacy of your water home with your significant other while your home dances to the gentle prodding of its love, the river Vltava. The romantic Charles Bridge is the perfect venue for that midnight stroll. The abundance of spas and shopping outlets will delight any new bride who wants to look her best for her husband while the groom can not only soak in the rich sights Prague has to offer but also indulge his taste buds and satisfy his cravings for good, cheap beer. Tragic romantic plays and concerts are guaranteed to moisten the eyes of the couple in love while prayers whispered in the serene solitude of the whitewashed chapels will nourish the fledgling relationship. A honeymoon in Prague will provide the perfect start to a long and happy married life.

Many private tour operators offer honeymoon packages catering to various budgets. Expect to pay a daily tariff of around EUR 150/- onwards per head.