Prague: Shopping Holiday

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Shopping Holiday

Women find a shopping holiday in Prague a very therapeutic and necessary exercise! After all, there’s so much of loveliness to choose from that one can never remember the stresses bugging him before he set out to shop.

Old Town is crowded with gift shops, each vying for the tourists’ attention to select from a large variety of Bohemian crystal, wooden handicrafts, ceramics, Czech antique jewellery including the traditional and celebrated Czech garnet, wooden toys, soccer shirts and other mass-produced memorabilia. Getting off the beaten path helps you buy the same souvenirs for half the price. Street vendors on Charles Bridge peddle some extraordinary treasures. Shopping for prints of paintings and good quality photos are a really good way to remember Prague.

Prague has a fair sprinkling of department stores and malls. Old and New Towns have separate bazaars areas with wooden stalls selling juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and flowers.

Christmas Markets in the town’s square sell an eclectic mix of arts, craft, food, drink and Prague memorabilia during the festive season. A tourist attraction in their own right, they are a great place to pick up more unique mementos of the city.

For the brand lovers, Parizka Street beckons where Gucci competes with DKNY and Chanel tries to oust Calvin Klein in their mission to receive your valuable business.