Prague: Stag Destination

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Stag Destination

It was the concept of a stag holiday in Prague that initially enticed the men to taste this virgin city. Pretty affordable compared to the rest of the EU, a stag holiday in Prague can be an enjoyable experience and is rated by us one of the top ten Stag destinations in Europe. However, severely intoxicated gangs of boisterous lads, brazen prostitutes and the constant torrent of cursing might spoil some of the fun for you. Most locals are annoyed at the ruckus a stag holiday wreaks in their lives at a time when they ought to be enjoying a good break from their hectic week. A lot of pubs have now nailed permanent signs on their front doors stating “No Stag Parties allowed”!

Private tour operators have been quick to take advantage of this situation and now offer stag holiday packages over weekends which include accommodation either in a campsite or B&B or hostel or hotel, sultry strip shows, extreme sports such as bungee jumping, quad biking, white water rafting, other activities such as paintballing, karaoke shows, cabarets¸ sightseeing and beer guzzling.

Prices start from EUR 150-onwards. Additional airfare applies if booking flight tickets through these operators. A stag holiday in Prague though not entirely inexpensive is bound to offer good value for your money with the multitude of items cramming your itinerary.