Prague: Well-being and Spa

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Well-being and Spa

Another reason for Prague being such a hit with woman is because she thinks like one and caters to every woman’s deep rooted desire- To be pampered!. Spas high on the glamour quotient with their fancy body and face wraps, traditional baths etc. as well as the smaller ones offering humbler services such as an oil massage, reflexology etc. are abundant in the Czech capital. A woman can be rest assured that she will find a decent spa suitable to her budget during her tour of the city. Packages include a head massage, a restorative hair mask, a rejuvenating facial, a body massage, a soothing body wrap and a steam bath. A well-being holiday package in a hotel spa would easily cost between EUR 100-150 while a regular spa would charge between EUR 20-80/-