Prague: Bunji Jumping

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Bunji Jumping

Bungee Jumping and Extreme Outdoor Sports in Prague

Bungee jumping in Prague is incomparable. Imagine the thrill of diving off the highest bridge in the country, the 55 meter Loket Bridge headlong into the river Ohre!!! All who have witnessed the bungee jumping experience for themselves in Prague will attest to the fact that they have experienced not only the highest leap, but also the highest rebound!! Another bungee jumping opportunity from Zvikov Reservoir Bridge affords the jumper to make contact with the water surface. Truly enthralling!!!

To spice things up, other heart gripping extreme sports such as swing jumping and parachute jumping that affords a full 5-6 minute free fall before the parachute opens up have been introduced as well.

Bungee jumping in Prague costs about EUR 35-50/- and is available all through the year.