Prague: Bus Tours

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Bus Tours

The public transport system of Prague comprises of buses, the more quaint trams, a light rail system and buses, all not very prompt and to be used only when you are at complete leisure to discover the city.

Most sightseeing companies offer bus tours of Prague city. Be prepared for some serious walking if you want to absorb more of the city as not all can be viewed from the confines of your bus seat. A bus tour in Prague normally comes with a guided commentary, either supplied over the headphones or from a live guide. Places of historical interest, music halls, markets, churches and everything that Prague has to offer to delight her tourists are covered in these bus tours. You can also request the bus tour company to explain elaborate on something that catches your interest or to halt the bus for some extra time if you are interested in clicking photographs for posterity. Depending on the length of the bus tour that you opt for, you are charged between EUR 13-30.

Prague's streets can become gridlocked leaving any tour of the city a frustrating experience. Alternative options are to cruise down the serene and romantic Vltava river that snakes through the middle of town or to depend on no one and accomplish your goal of intimately experiencing the true beauty of Prague more efficiently by walking.