Prague: Cycling - Mountain Biking

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Cycling - Mountain Biking

There's a lot to see in Prague and so little time. Not many can afford to whiz around the city in private transport or taxis. Most do not have the time to wait meekly and patiently for public transport to show up as their saviour. Cobblestoned streets are not the most feet-friendly. In such a catch 22 situation, biking your way through Prague may be the wisest thing to do. Biking affords the rider to get a good feel for the scale and scope of the city, which was laid out in the times of horse-driven buggies rather than automobiles.

A rather scanty network of dedicated biking lanes could be a deterrent but most vehicular lanes permit bike traffic to ply on their extreme right. Bicyclists are only allowed to ride separately, in a single file and to overtake vehicles in convoy or traffic jam (a row of vehicles) from a right side. Bikers younger than 18 years are obliged to wear a safety helmet while riding.

Public transport carriers, accustomed to the drawbacks of Prague's harsh topography, are extremely empathetic toward the difficulties faced by bikers stranded in the middle of nowhere Such as the inaccessible and steep Petrin Hill. They are permitted to hop aboard any tram, train or bus with their cycles when biking seems like an impossibility in such areas. is a biker-friendly website highlighting the biking law of Prague, spelling out biking dangers from even the most trivial issues such as open drain covers or loose kerbstones , sharing the latest and exciting biking routes and advertising the services of biking holiday tour operators, bike rental agencies etc. A bike can be rented for less than 2 Euros per hour while a 2 hour-guided biking package through the whole of Prague off the beaten track to the outskirts, up the cluster of hills buttressing the city and back would cost EUR15-35/- Some extreme sports companies offer exciting biking activity packages such as freestyle urban obstacle-course biking, double suspension dive bomb mountain biking etc. to challenge the daredevil in you and charge between EUR 50-100/- Best time to indulge in a biking spree of Prague is spring and summer.