Prague: Food and Drink

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Food and Drink Prague Food and Drink

Prague aims to be a world-class destination. So she has wisely responded to the demands of this rapidly shrinking world and embraced the best from every style of cuisine to appeal to the palate of the global traveller. Name the cuisine and Prague has it!!! Name the spirit and she will proudly serve it you!!! Right from the humble pizzas and stodgy beer to the ridiculously expensive caviar and airy champagne, she has it all. Even the health buffs feel at home in Prague with the many organic foodstuffs sold in local supermarkets. If you feel like reciprocating her graciousness, you can always delight her for a change by revelling in the creamy and starchy fare from the home turf that seem like a match made in heaven- cheesy sauces enveloping the juiciest and tender meats served to perfection with steamed rice dumpling!

Prague truly is like a home away from home. It is the ideal food and drink getaway. Any true connoisseur of the foods and drinks will always remember the delightful and diverse flavour of Prague from the millions of other positive reasons to remember her by.