Prague: Golf

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Golf

While most still don’t consider Prague to be a golfing Mecca what with its meager 6 courses, significant to note was that it was voted ‘Most Undiscovered Golf Destination’ in 2007 and that another 6 are in the pipeline. If a relatively new golfing wonder like Turkey could bag the coveted title of ‘Best Golfing Destination in Europe-2008’ from under Scotland’s nose, Prague certainly has it in her to surprise a lot of the seasoned players in the golfing world!

The top three courses near Prague are; Karlstejn, Konopiste and Golf Resort Plzen. Many private tour operators provide personalized itineraries to suit individual tastes and accommodation options most suitable to every pocket. Golfing in Prague is a budget-friendly proposition as it offers you the flexibility of booking either a single tee time for EUR 20-50/- or the complete golfing holiday package which would cost approximately EUR 250/- onwards.

With an estimated 4 million golfers in the UK and Ireland and 60 million golfers worldwide, the insatiable Czech government, in its keenness to tap into this huge market so as to diversify its booming tourism industry, is personally overseeing the development of the finest golfing courses designed towards providing the ultimate golfing experience and the construction of quality (not necessarily expensive) accommodation to match the sophistication of the players of this sport. INCHEBA PRAHA, the premier organizer of the annual HOLIDAY WORLD travel and tourism fair devoted to making Prague a tourist hotspot, hosts the prestigious Prague Golf Fair simultaneously to extract the hidden golfer in the 45,000 tourists who visit the fair.

Ease of accessibility with plenty of low cost flights to Prague daily, ideal playing conditions for most part of the year, affordable holidaying costs, a supportive government and inexpensive beer all work in tandem to help Prague inch closer to her dream of being hailed as Europe’s Golfing Queen.