Prague: Helicopter Trips

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Helicopter Trips Prague Helicopter Trips

Until now we have spoken of the breathtaking beauty of Prague from ground level. Tourists who have had a bird’s eye view of the city from the heights of the majestic Prague Castle or the tower of the Petrin Hill Observatory can’t stop waxing eloquent about the beauty of Prague. Yet these structures are not more than 500 m above ground level. Imagine how much they would gush were they to tour the length and breadth of the city by a helicopter.

A helicopter tour of Prague is strongly recommended for all those who aren’t on a shoestring budget; all those who may be pressed for time yet desire a detailed tour and panoramic view of the city. Quite a few private tour operators bring such wishes to fulfilment. Helicopter tours of Prague normally depart from the tiny Tocna air strip located 15 min from the city centre and fly above the Zbraslav - Radotin - Vekla Chuchle - Hlubocepy - Radlice - Smichov parts of Prague. The high point of these tours is an up-close and personal view of the astounding vision of Vysehrad and the Prague Castle, from approx.3000 ft above the ground. The helicopter hovers over various monuments for you to soak in its finest nuance. After this time it flies back to base.

If the Ruzyne International Airport is experiencing heavy air traffic, helicopter pilots steer you to the beautiful Karlstejn castle on the outskirts of Prague instead.

Both routes take approx. 20 minutes, at least 2 people are needed to start the trip. Max. 3 people the pilot fit in a helicopter.
The price is EUR 150-200/- per person.