Prague: Hiking - Walking

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Hiking - Walking

Prague is a walker's paradise not only for the beautiful mountains, rivers and forests surrounding it but for the amount of castles and chateaux connected by scenic trails. There are so many different landscapes and paths that you can explore a different part of Prague every time you set out. Hiking/ Walking may actually be a fun, efficient and informative way to spend your holiday in Prague rather than spend your precious time cooped up in a terrible traffic jams learning nothing except to swear more innovatively!

Prague has a variety of hiking 'styles' be it the flat parks and forests ideal for a leisurely stroll, gently sloping fields on the outskirts and downright steep terrains such as the Petrin Hill. An extremely well-marked trail system makes it tempting to embark on a nice easy/strenuous yet mysterious walk/hike in the fresh air of the Czech countryside.

Two white bars sandwiching either a red, blue, yellow or green stripe adorn every tree, signpost and every other handy marking spot to indicate what path you are on and where you are going. Periodically on your walk you'll come across a posting with information on how many kilometers to a place on your chosen route and arrows indicating the direction you should go. An exhaustive symbol key can be found at the Czech Tourist Club's website - the Bible of the Hikers and Bikers. The club also produces the very useful and off-beat hiking and cycling maps replete with hidden wonders along the way, available in any bookstore. The Prague Post also highlights a new hiking route in and around Prague every month.

Forest lovers should head south of Prague to the town of Písek. A nature trail, the Jarník lookout tower atop Kraví hory and the Zivec chalet are a few interesting sites to see. Heading north to the ruggedly rolling slopes of Jizerské Mountains will reward rock climbers, and people who like to observe stupefying rock formations.