Prague: Nightlife

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Nightlife

A trip to Prague is well worth the effort if only for a taste its seductive and sinful nightlife.Nightlife in Prague is second to none when compared to the vibrancy of the nightlife of even the most sinful paradise, Las Vegas.

Beer is the essence of any Czech culinary attitude. Of a quality that merits the highest respect, each of the 800 authentic taverns in Prague serve this refreshing and gratifying beverage that to them is symbol of Czech tradition and pride. The internationality of Prague comes to the fore in its variety of cuisines, of which many of them may compete on an international level. declared the modern cocktail bars in Prague as meeting and even exceeding international standards when it comes to an aperitif or nightcap.

The relatively new concept of Fusion Bars providing complete catering and entertainment choices for the entire night by fusing drink, dinner, cocktail bar and dance club services in one single location is all the rage at the moment. The success of these 3-D establishments (Dine, Drink & Dance) is monumental. Boasting of the best DJ's from all over the world, Prague has become a clubbing hot spot.

Europe's sex and strip-city is without a doubt Prague with the many sex and strip clubs multiplying by the dozen in New Town.Truly a paradise for the creatures of the dark.