Prague: River Cruise

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague River Cruise

A river cruise indeed is a very affordable and attractive way to tour Prague. Though the Vltava is not the cleanest or most decongested of rivers, Prague offers very little choice as there is a dearth of natural water reservoirs in the city. All tour operators specialising in Prague river cruises have no option but to ply down the murky waters of the Vltava and regale their audiences in the best manner they can by diverting their attention from these not-so-pleasant sights like heavy boat traffic etc with sumptuous buffets, unlimited hard and soft beverages, delicious desserts and live entertainment. Some go that extra mile by sprucing the ambience and selling their cruises as the ultimate romantic experience replete with rose petals strewn on the open deck, candles twinkling merrily in their holders and the sentiment of pure love heavy in the air. These river cruises operate every half an hour in the evening and by the hour during the day and cost between EUR 35-EUR 100.