Prague: Sightseeing

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Sightseeing

Prague is filled with so many mesmerising sights that no one can ever claim to have done a thorough sightseeing expedition of the city.

Its beauty is eternal. It can be enjoyed and explored for days, months, or a lifetime and it will still wield that captivating magic on you. Prague is at its charming best at any time of the year. Since the average visitor will only have a few days to discover Prague's many faces, the recommended minimum time to do a good sightseeing job in Prague is three days. This amount of time will allow you to get to know Prague's main sights and historical areas without feeling rushed.

If you have more than three days available, you can explore Prague in more detail. There are always things to do and places to go and it is always a pleasure to just stroll the streets of the Lesser Town, Old Town and Prague Castle. You can also visit some museums or galleries, get outside of the historical center, or to the enchanting outskirts of this vivacious city