Prague: Wine Tasting

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is classified as an entertainment form in Prague- going bar hopping in search of that elusive wine! In Prague, real wine bars have the name "Vinny Bar" although "vinarna" also means you can get a drink there as well. "Vinoteka" generally means it sells wine but, you can't taste first.

For the authentic Czech wines you should try the National Wine Bank. For a small place that caters mainly to the last 10 years of production, it is reinforcement of the saying ‘all good things come in small packages’. It stocks ALL vineyards. Its website is only in Czech but it has a catalogue. Open from Mon-Sat between 1200-2000 it just around the corner from the Charles Bridge.
Monarch is the international arm of the NBV (National Wine Bank). Their website,, is in English. It features an excellent wine catalogue. Most of the wine tasting is at the Na Perstyne branch about 40 metres from the Tesco department store main entry. They serve both from the bottle and barrel.

Another of the good Prague bars only for Czech wine tasting is U Zavoje in Havelska. is the place to go to access their comprehensive selection of wines. They accommodate requests for tasting their fare by offering 1 dcml measures. Da Nico is at Dlouha 21 (5 minutes walk from the Old Town Square). It leans heavily toward Italian wines with its nice atmosphere and sumptuous Italian cuisine that it serves in the adjoining restaurant.

There are smaller places around but, you need to know which type of wine to order so a stopping at the places above to taste the offer is a good start. Most important to note are the vineyard and year of production as any reputable and knowledgeable Prague wine bar can offer suitable alternatives to accommodate your budget based on this information.