Prague: Costs

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Costs

Initially advertised as an extremely pocket-friendly holiday destination, Prague can no longer lure travelers on the strength of this claim. There’s a miniscule difference in the cost one would incur on a holiday in Prague vis-à-vis another European tourist locale. While the blame for the rising costs in Prague can be pinned on burgeoning inflation, what’s noteworthy is that food and drink are still relatively affordable in Prague compared to other European getaways. With a huge mug of Czech beer costing under a Euro, a no-frills yet sumptuous meal costing anywhere between EUR 2-4, Czech prostitutes charging much lesser than their European counterparts and a proliferation of budget airlines connecting Prague to the rest of the world, it has become an instant hit with the beer-starved, reckless and fun-loving at heart. Costs in Prague are neither too low to feel elated nor too high to feel alarmed and reconsider your decision to holiday there

Accommodation and Travel especially by taxis are still the costliest items of expenditure on the itinerary. Living it up king size in Prague would cost you approximately EUR 300- 500 per day while a holiday managed on a shoestring budget would cost about EUR 50-150 per day.