Prague: Crime

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Crime

With a low incidence of violent crimes in the city, crimes committed in Prague can be categorized as the less serious type, restricted to mainly pick-pocketing, jewelry and purse snatching.

Overcrowded touristy areas, buses, trams and trains are the haunt of pickpockets. Prostitutes are known to target testosterone-fuelled, cash-rich lads in big groups.

When you sense these unsavory characters closing in on you, create a ruckus to scare them off. To escape becoming a victim of this menace, when in Prague do as the Praguers do. The idea is to blend in with Praguers as much as you can so as to become as unappealing as possible to potential pickpockets. Limit talking loudly in your native language, dressing flashily, flaunting the latest electronic gizmos and curb your lavish praises every time you pass a pretty monument if you don’t want to mark yourself as a tourist and a wealthy one at that.

Split your cash into many parts and hide them in innovative places other than your purse so that you’re not left penniless. Travel with as little cash as possible as Prague has no dearth of ATMs and is credit-card friendly. Guard your belongings such as your wallet, electronics and passport with your life and NEVER leave any of these unattended. Avoid traveling alone. Be alert at all times.

The police though approachable are rarely useful. Use them to extract a pickpocket victim report for you to claim travel insurance easily. They are accessible 24 hours on telephone number 158. Keep the number of your consulate handy as well.