Prague: Food Guide - Dining Out

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Food Guide - Dining Out

The way to one’s heart is through his stomach. To succeed as a tourist hotspot, Prague has cleverly adopted this mantra and has left no stone unturned to accommodate a lip-smacking multi-ethnic culinary feast in her repertoire of gastronomical delights.

You can never feel far away from home in Prague. International restaurants are constantly up in competition against each other, each serving their diverse specialities with aplomb: from the finest Italian to French, German, Korean, Scandinavian, Thai, Greek, Indian and even Mexican cuisine! Food is affordable compared to other European cities like London or Rome.

Authentic Czech cuisine comprising of roasted meats and sauce-based creamy gravies are the perfect accompaniment for a chilled glass of Czech beer. An offer of sampling the Czech National Dish- a plateful of roasted pork, steamed wheat/ rice dumplings and sauerkraut should never be bypassed even though it isn’t exactly synonymous with healthy food.

During peak seasons, it might be a good idea to reserve a table in advance especially if the restaurant you intend eating at is a hot favourite with the tourists.

Though the café culture hasn’t really gotten off to a flying start in Prague, a few cafes located in Old and New Towns are second to none with their tantalizing menus of super-delicious moist cakes and cookies, lip-smacking sandwiches, and frothy caffeine beverages.

Pubs and bars are the hallmark of this beer-loving city. A staggering 800 can be found all over Prague. The traditional pubs serve authentic Czech beer brewed to perfection in the large gleaming copper vats that are proudly displayed on the counters. They also soothe rumbling bellies by serving generous portions of authentic Czech fare. Modern bars normally serve international beers, wine, sprits and cocktails and endorse a more continental menu.