Prague: Geography

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Geography

Located in the westernmost region of the Czech Republic, this commercial, cultural and political hub lies on the hilly banks of the river Vltava. A small outcropping of hills on the outskirts, healing springs snaking through their folds, a few gleaming streams and lazily flowing rivers like the Ohre make Prague postcard perfect.

The 4 divisions made to Prague in the Middle Ages are still evident. The Prague Castle, a magnificent 10th. Century abode to an intricate network of palaces, reception halls, and churches rises majestically on the hilly outcrop to the left of the city. At the foot of the castle is the Lesser Quarter, a homey cluster of narrow, winding cobblestone streets, Baroque palaces, gardens, and medieval houses. The 14th-century Charles Bridge links the Lesser Quarter with the Gothic Old Town, across the Vltava. At the southern tip of the Old Town lies the rather futuristic New Town.