Prague: Population

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Population

Prague is home to approximately 1.3 million people. About 95% of the population is Czech. Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks, Germans, Russians and a sprinkling of other expat communities such as the Asians, Americans, British and Africans make up the remainder.

Praguers are a homogeneous, mild-mannered and amiable community but can be a bit arrogant with the non-Czechs. They harbour a slight dislike of the British, African and Asian communities but no major clash has ensued between these ethnically diverse groups yet.

In terms of religion, Christianity rules the roost with Roman Catholicism enjoying the lion’s share of followers. Protestants are significant in numbers as are Atheists, a direct fallout of communism. Judaism is not rampant due to mass extermination of the Jews by the Nazis.

The unemployment rate in Prague is quite low and salaries are handsome compared to other regions of the Czech State. Average monthly salaries amount to EUR 1,000/-