Prague: Suggested Itinerary

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Day 1: After checking into your hotel or hostel, grab a quick bite to eat in one of the many restaurants around the Vaclavske Nameste. Discover the Old Town which will be your first port of call. Cross the Charles Bridge and head to the castle side of the river. This part of town really is something else and is where you will feel most as if time has stood still. Walk up to the castle which consists of four buildings: the famous St. Vitus Cathedral, the Basilica of St. George, the Powder Towerand the Royal Palace. After heading back to Old Town, you’ll find an entire other city lies beneath the streets of Prague thanks to the fact that it was raised by one story during the 12th century. So, as you head down the stairs with the shadows of the towering buildings all around, be prepared for one hell of a night out.

Day 2: Return to Old Town. The tiny streets are packed with every kind of souvenir shop imaginable and it's hard not the get carried away. Spend your afternoon visiting the well known Jewish Quarter which houses the famous haphazard cemetery, several synagogues and the Jewish Museum. Check out the Old Town Hall with its renowned Clock Tower. At some point during the first day, try to get your hands on some tickets for any of the classical concerts. They take place in various buildings throughout the city daily including St. George's Basilica in the castle and on the staircase of theNational Museum and are an essential part of any visit to Prague. It's pretty hard to adjust to the thumping city night life after such a relaxing couple of hours but we're sure you'll manage.

Day 3: Karlovy Vary is perfect for a day trip out of the city. In the past Beethoven, Bismarck and Karl Marx are just some of the famous bathers that have come here in the past. Altogether there are 12 spas/hot springs around the town. Along with the springs in Karlovy Vary, some other of the towns attractions are the Town Theatre, The Mill Colonnade and several lookout towers. Even though the town is approximately two hours from Prague, organised tours bring many visitors to the famous town and then return them to the city at the end of the day.

Day 4: Fly back home from Prague.