Prague: When to go

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague When to go

Prague is bewitching at any time of the year though the ideal time to visit it would be late spring starting in April or early autumn- say by October or November. You not only beat the crowds but also save up a fair bit on accommodation by availing of off-peak rates. If you don’t mind the hordes of tourists and the muggy heat, summer is when you can soak in the Prague sun. If you can handle the cold, hotel accommodation is easy to secure during the winters. And also the city looks as gorgeous and mysterious as a bride obscured by the misty veils of whiteness.

Be sure to carry an umbrella as surprise thunderstorms and drizzles are a part and parcel of life in Prague. If you decide on spending a summer holiday in Prague and suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma, carry an inhaler with you as the air quality is known to deteriorate quite rapidly with the pollution.