Prague: Hostels

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Hostels

Hostels in Prague: The preferred accommodation of backpackers solely from the financial standpoint, these budget homes are not abundant in the city centre. Some hostels are open all year round while some are seasonal especially the youth hostels which open up during peak summer to cater to the influx of the budget travelers arriving in hordes. Hostels offer dormitory type rooms for 8-10 people. Smaller rooms are rarely built and the few that are there are hard to come by. There have been stray complaints of overcrowding, stuffiness and a stink with so many people living in such close proximity but hostels are generally clean and safe unlike the horror tales spread about them in films. A bedspace in a hostel on the outskirts would cost approx EU 7-10 while a hostel in the city centre would charge EUR 21/- for a bed in a dorm room.

Rating 5/10