Prague: Hotels

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Hotels

Accommodation in Prague will probably take up the lion’s share of your holiday budget. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing from places to stay in to make your trip to Prague memorable. Choosing the right place to stay in is extremely important to enhance the quality of your holiday but this can be quite a daunting task. We endeavor to help reduce the clutter and confusion to assist you with making the most informed and suitable selection of a place for your stay in Prague.

Following are the various accommodation choices available to tourists:

Hotels In Prague

In Prague, virtually every category of hotels, right from the ultra-posh 7 star hotels to the modest 2 star ones can be found. An important point to be noted is that due to the lack of a unitary classifying system, a very good 3-star hotel might get away with the oldest trick in the book of fooling the tourists by proudly and falsely claiming to be a 4-star. Consumer reviews on the internet have greatly simplified it for us to verify whether a claim made by a hotel is authentic or not.

- 5 Star Hotels: The ambience, and the service measure upto International Standards. Closer the hotel to the city centre, higher the tariffs. Standard double room rates per night would amount to EUR 200- 500/- . Recommended hotels in this category include the Kempinski, Prague Aria, Mandarin Oriental and Le Palais. Rating 9/10

- 4 Star Hotels: These offer good value for your money and are comfortable. Standard double room rates cost between EUR 50- EUR 200/- depending on the proximity of the hotel to the city centre. Hotel Josef and K K Central Hotel would be the pick of the list from this category. Rating 7/10

- 3-Star Hotels: A little less comfortable than the 4-stars, these lack a few of the frills such as room service or laundry. The rooms are stuffier too. A standard double room costs between EUR 35- 200/- per night. The prettier ones in the city centre can cost as much as a 4-Star would cost you on the outskirts. Since Prague’s public transport system is well developed and Prague is not a very huge city- it takes about 20 minutes to reach the city centre from anywhere in free-flowing traffic, you might want to consider cheaper options on the outskirts. Rating 5/10

- 2-Star Hotels: These are far and few in the city centre. One can expect what you get out of a low-cost airline. No Frills Absolutely. So you’re actually just paying EUR 30- EUR 100/- for the roof above your head and a bed to sleep on. Dingier and seedier, a better option would be to settle for a hostel or a paying a little more and staying in a 3 star. Rating 3/10

- Boatels/ Floating Hotels: Fancy a romantic stay in an abode that gently sways to the soft currents of the river? Is your idea of a romantic evening having a sumptuous meal on an open deck, thoroughly intoxicated by the wine and the love in your sweetheart’s eyes, with the stars and moon winking down their approval? If you’re on your honeymoon, a boatel is the way to go. A house boat that is moored to the dock rather than left afloat, it never fails to enchant its occupants. Prices vary between EUR 35- 150/- Rating 7.5/10