Queenstown: Backpacking

The Adventure City

Queenstown Backpacking

Queenstown is a mecca for people backpacking around New Zealand. The combination of year round adventure sports and lively nightlife ensures a steady stream of adventure hungry people backpacking through Queenstown. With the fun comes a price tag and the cost of Queenstown’s activities can take a toll on a backpacker’s travel budget. Many backpackers with time on their side choose to finance their stay in Queenstown by working. This can be a great way to experience everything the town has to offer at a leisurely pace without making a huge dent in the bank account.

Popular places for backpackers to work include ski fields, backpacker accommodation, and bars but you’ll need a work visa to get a job. If you’re just backpacking through Queenstown, figure out what activities you want to do (and can afford to do) before you arrive. If you’re on a super tight budget, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied that won’t cost an arm and a leg. The stunning natural scenery offers tons of scope for cheap (if not free) activities for backpackers in Queenstown with fantastic hiking (or tramping) being an excellent option.

Budget accommodation for backpackers visiting Queenstown is plentiful and cheap with prices starting from 10 Euros per night. This style of accommodation is usually simple, lively, and completely geared towards the needs of those backpacking through Queenstown.