Queenstown: Bunji Jumping

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Queenstown Bunji Jumping

Bungy Jumping (also spelt bungee) is big business in New Zealand and Queenstown is regarded as the world’s bungy capital. A dizzying array of adrenalin pumping bungy jumps is available around the town with one of the most popular being the Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump. This is the birth place of the commercial bungy jump and the adventurous can take the frightening 43 metre leap (and get the t-shirt to prove it) for around 69 Euros. If that’s not enough to get the blood pumping, test your nerves on Queenstown’s Ledge Bungy Jump which is also around 69 Euros. Reached by Gondola and situated 400 metres above the town, the Ledge Bungy Jump is one of the most scenic bungy jumps in the world.

Night bungy jumps, where you plunge into darkness above the glittering lights of Queenstown, are also available. Those looking for the ultimate hair-raising experience can brave the Nevis Highwire Bungy at roughly 95 Euros. From a platform 445 feet above the Nevis River, the brave face an 8.5 second freefall toward the rugged landscape below. Not for the faint hearted. A nerve wracking variation on the bungy in Queenstown is canyon swinging (or gorge swinging).

There are 3 options for canyon swinging in Queenstown including the Shotover Canyon Swing (77 Euros). A giant swing that allows you to freefall 60 metres before swinging you 200 metres across the canyon. The Ledge Sky Swing (51 Euros) is another big hit with adventure seekers. A 400 metre swing that allows for breathtaking views of Queenstown below. For the really adventurous, night swings are available at the ledge. Queenstown’s latest bungy hit is the Nevis Arc Swing (73 Euros). Touted as the highest swing in the world, this one is for true adrenalin junkies only.