Queenstown: Main Facts

The Adventure City

Queenstown Main Facts

Geographical Location of Queenstown

Queenstown is part of the province of Otago and is located in the Southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s 1,939 kilometres from Sydney Australia, 1,042 kilometres from Auckland – New Zealand’s largest city, And 647 kilometres from New Zealand’s capital city – Wellington. The closest city to Queenstown is Dunedin at 170 kilometres.

Languages of Queenstown

As throughout the rest of New Zealand, English is the official Language in Queenstown with Maori being the second official language.

Currency of Queenstown

The New Zealand dollar is the currency, cash machines are widely available throughout Queenstown, banks are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.30pm, Bureaux de Change are often open 7 days a week, and major credit cards and travellers cheques are widely accepted throughout the town.