Queenstown: Useful Information

The Adventure City

Queenstown Useful Information

Travel Insurance for Queenstown:

Queenstown is an adventure destination. That means some of the things you’re likely to do in the town will have an element of danger about them. Ensure you have travel insurance before you arrive and double check that it covers you for the activities you want to do. It may be worth taking out a policy that will cover you for every possible activity as chances are there’ll be something that grabs your interest when you arrive that you might not be covered for on a standard travel insurance policy. Safety standards for activities in Queenstown are of the highest standard, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dangerous animals and insects in Queenstown:

There are no snakes or dangerous wild animals in Queenstown or anywhere else in New Zealand and the country’s only poisonous spider is the shy and retiring Katipo (A driftwood dwelling spider that’s very rarely encountered). The most annoying critter you’ll encounter on your trip through Queenstown will be the sand fly. This little charmer leaves itchy bites similar to mosquito bites and is a major pest in wet areas. An insect repellent is advisable in areas where sand flies are present.
Weather changes in Queenstown: Queenstown has an alpine climate and the weather can change rapidly and dramatically so always be prepared. If you plan to go walking or hiking in the wilderness around Queenstown, take wet weather and warm clothing with you - whatever the time of year and however clear and sunny it may appear.

Sunburn in Queenstown:

Sunburn is a major issue in New Zealand including Queenstown. Sunlight in New Zealand is stronger than the sunlight of Europe and North America, and unprotected skin can burn quickly. If you’re planning on being out in the sun (particularly in the height of summer) for more than 15 minutes, wear a hat and apply a suitable sun block.


To protect people from the health effects of second-hand smoke, smoking in bars, restaurants, cafes, and casinos, is banned in Queenstown as it is throughout the rest of New Zealand. If you smoke, you’ll need to smoke outside.
Giardia: Giardia is a water-borne parasite that causes diarrhoea. Don’t like the sound of it? It’s simple to avoid. Don’t drink from the lakes or rivers around Queenstown.