Rome: Beach

The Eternal City

Rome Beach

If the summer turns out to be a scorcher, why not head to the beach? Most people don't associate Rome with a beach holiday, but the eternal city is just half an hour by car, bus or train from the Mediterranean Sea. And if you avoid the weekends and head out in the middle of the week, you'll have more sand and sun to yourself. In Ostia Lido, the closest shoreline to Rome, wander down the lane of clubs and you'll easily find the free-access beach where you don't feel like you have to wear a designer bikini. Some beaches or beach clubs can charge anywhere from €10 upwards just for the music, atmosphere, umbrella and towel space, with added costs for chairs, changing rooms and a key to the restroom. Villaggio dei Pescatori in Fregene – another beach a few kilometres from Rome was originally a fishing village, but now a younger crowd enjoy its white sand and warm sea. Further South, past Anzio, is Sabaudia, a pristine free beach area that begins to hint of the turquoise blue waters one associates with the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches around Porto Ercole are a bit more quaint and a bit closer to Rome are the beaches south of Terracina and north of Gaeta around the area of Sperlonga; a very attractive area. While people don’t generally travel to Rome for its beaches, the city does have a few options as a beach holiday.