Rome: Food Guide - Dining Out

The Eternal City

Rome Food Guide - Dining Out

Restaurants in Rome

Ah, bella Italia... the land of culinary delights! From small noisy rooms where you can concentrate on steaming plates of pasta, to designer spaces for seeing and being seen, Rome's restaurants probably outnumber any other type of business in the city. Visitors can choose from the traditional Pizzerias where they can enjoy fresh pasta and homemade pizza to the delights of Indian, Chinese, Steakhouses and much more. The Romans pride themselves on being civilised people and they do like a glass of wine in the evening so there are many outdoor cafes and bars where you can sit and enjoy a nice glass (or two) of Chianti and watch the world go by.

Depending on what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, there are different areas of Rome to try out. Most of the budget hotels are located in Termini so there are plenty of reasonably priced restaurants to choose from, but don't go out of your way to dine there. In Esquilino you will find a large concentration of ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, and take-away places, as well as shops carrying items from many different cultures, particularly Asian, African, and Indian. The district of Testaccio is arguably the best place for truly authentic Roman cuisine.

Fruit and vegetable markets
If you’re looking for a cheaper and slightly healthier option, you can shop at one of Rome’s famous street side fruit and vegetable markets. Markets are among the best spots in the city --lively, loud, and colourful. They are usually open by 7am and close at 2pm, Mon-Sat. Campo de' Fiori is the most popular market, where the austere hooded statue of Giordano Bruno overlooks dozens of colourful stalls selling fruit, vegetables, and flowers.