San Francisco: Surfing

San Francisco Surfing

Although the water is cold year round; San Francisco and the areas just south of the city have some of the best surfing in California. The San Francisco Peninsula is blessed with some unusual, scenic and challenging surfing. The water is cold and it can be treacherous. San Francisco is a big city with lots of surfers, so you will get crowds and competition on the better beach breaks. There are some hazards to surfing in the San Francisco area, namely that it is well known for being a great white shark hot spot. Play it safe and avoid surfing in areas with large seal populations. The best time of year to surf in San Francisco is in the autumn (warm with off-shore breezes) and the winter (storms blast the coast creating variable and demanding surfing). For the most part the summer spells foggy conditions and flat conditions with onshore breezes. The San Francisco Bay also has some great windsurfing. The best place to launch from in San Francisco is Crissy Fields by the Presidio. You will have some spectacular views of the Golden Gate, but will need to watch out for cargo ships and sailboats –don’t forget your full wetsuit.