San Francisco: Food Guide - Dining Out

San Francisco Food Guide - Dining Out

San Francisco has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US, so you can expect to eat well here. What really distinguishes it is not so much its high-end restaurants (these are much the same across the States) but rather that there is the quality and variety of San Francisco’s mid-range eateries. The best places to eat aren’t necessarily in the touristy areas, so head to some of San Francisco’s well regarded neighbourhoods to find a tasty meal. You can get some wonderful Chinese meals in San Francisco – and these can also be quite good value. Mexican, Italian, Vegetarian, French …even Californian cuisine can all be found in San Francisco.

As is often the case, the locals know where best to eat – so ask for a recommendation from someone at your hotel. If you have your heart set on eating at a particular well-known restaurant you should make reservations. Lower cost meals can be found at cafés or pizzerias. If you are on Fisherman’s Wharf why not get a take away crab and some San Franciscan Sourdough bread for lunch? You could also try a Mexican fast food restaurant in the Mission District. This is a rough area but some excellent and affordable burritos can be found here.