San Francisco: Apartments

San Francisco Apartments

If you plan to be in San Francisco for quite sometime or prefer to self-cater, you may want to consider a holiday apartment or house rental. Many apartments require a 30 day rental, although there are a few that offer accommodation by the week. Most of the holiday apartment rentals in San Francisco are in the nicer areas of town, such as Nob Hill and the Marina district, as well as downtown for visiting businessmen and women. Prices for an apartment or house will depend on the length of your stay.

A one month leased one bedroom apartment in San Francisco’s Financial District catering to business men can easily be more than $100 per night. A one week’s lease for a one bedroom apartment, still in a very nice area of town, can range from under a $100 to over $250 per night. Given that you can self-cater and so don’t need to eat out each meal, an apartment or house may be a cost effective way to stay in San Francisco. Another idea for an apartment or self-catering accommodation is a hotel which also offers studio apartments or a suite. There are several websites that can help you find a vacation apartment in San Francisco.