San Francisco: Bed and Breakfast

San Francisco Bed and Breakfast

Although not as common as in Britain, San Francisco does have a few Bed and Breakfast guesthouses. These certainly offer more homely and welcoming accommodation than an impersonal motel chain. Many of the B & Bs in San Francisco are in Edwardian or Victorian properties adding to their charm. San Francisco’s B & Bs are located all over town, including downtown, in Nob Hill and in the Haight. This being San Francisco, there are also some gay and lesbian guesthouses in the Castro area of town. Prices for a standard double room are around $100 - $200 per night, so a Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco isn’t necessarily a low cost option. If you want to avoid the sterile character of a corporate motel chain then you should consider staying at one of San Francisco’s B & Bs. They are a friendlier, if not cheaper, option than a motel.