Seville: Backpacking

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Seville Backpacking

A backpacking holiday in Seville can be a wonderful experience, but also on the pricy side for those with a backpacker’s budget. However, there are many things to do in Seville for a backpacker on holiday that can make your wallet stretch just a little further. To find good things to do within your price range, it’s definitely worth checking out the tourist office – try the Tourist Office at Plaza del Triunfo, which should be able to help you with things to do for backpackers in the entire Province of Seville.

It’s also a really good idea for backpackers on holiday in Seville to think about getting a Sevilla Card. This is fantastic value, giving free admission to most of Seville’s fantastic attractions and museums, as well as discounts in various shops, restaurants and clubs. Backpackers on holiday in Seville will find a Sevilla Card will cost around €50 for a 24 hour pass.

Backpackers with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) on holiday in Seville will also find that they get discounts on many of Seville’s sights, accommodation, transport and food.