Seville: Disabled Needs

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Seville Disabled Needs

Coming on holiday to Seville if you’re disabled may seem a little daunting, when you consider the city’s cobbled streets and old buildings. However, you will find that it’s often easier than you think to get around and about. Many of Seville’s hotels have lifts and accessible spaces for the disabled; plus there are available ground floor hotel rooms that will make a disabled holiday in Seville much more manageable. Getting around the city itself can be a little trickier for the disabled, particularly if you find it hard to walk or are in a wheelchair. But, there are wide paths along Seville’s river and plenty of wide open spaces and flat paths through Seville’s Maria Luisa Park which the disabled can enjoy on holiday in Seville.

In terms of sightseeing, it is possible to take in many of Seville’s fantastic sights for the disabled on holiday here. Perhaps the most famous of all Seville’s sights – the Giralda bell tower at the Cathedral – is accessed entirely by gentle sloping ramps, so this can be enjoyed by those who find walking up winding stairs difficult.