Seville: Food and Drink

Tapas bars, nightlife and stylish people

Seville is the gastronomic capital of Andalucía so unsurprisingly, food and drink in Seville are very good. The cuisine is influenced by Seville’s proximity to the Mediterranean and its historic ties to Muslim culture.

The most popular food you’ll find in Seville is tapas – typically featuring dishes based on olive oil, cured hams from the nearby sierras and loads of seafood brought in from the neighbouring Mediterranean and Atlantic towns. Also look out for yemas (sweets made from egg yolk and sugar), mermeladas caseras (homemade marmalade) and rosquitos (various pastries) from any of the enclosed convents in Seville.

In terms of drink, the coffee culture is strong in Seville – have a quick break over a cafe con leche with the locals. In terms of alcohol, try Sangria – a refreshing drink of red wine, fruit and other alcohols, or the tinto de verano – a mix of red wine and lemonade.