Seville: Sightseeing

Tapas bars, nightlife and stylish people

There are thousands of opportunities for sightseeing in Seville: one of Spain’s most beautiful and romantic cities. Lots of Seville’s main sights are nearby each other, in the historic Santa Cruz area – a former Jewish ghetto to the east of Seville’s famous cathedral. Here you’ll be able to take in many charming sights - accompanied by the scent of Seville’s orange trees, flower-filled patios and winding medieval streets.

The cathedral, one of the biggest in Spain, is one of the main sights to see in Seville – with its Moorish “courtyard of the Oranges” and 12th Century minaret. Other famous and beautiful sights include the Royal Palace – the Reales Alcazares – a richly decorated maze of sumptuous apartments and magnificent courtyards, with its upper floor still in use by the Spanish Royal Family, the Maestanaz Bullfighting Arena, and the Torre Del Oro and, across the river, Triana - famous for its flamenco, toreros, and ceramics.

If you are going sightseeing in Seville, it’s well worth considering buying a Sevilla Card. These can be brought at Seville’s tourist information offices, train station and airport, and gives sight seers in Seville a discount in shops, restaurants, museums and monuments, and also allows you to use Seville’s public transport system to get around the sights for free.