Seville: Food Guide - Dining Out

Tapas bars, nightlife and stylish people

Seville Food Guide - Dining Out

Dining out in Seville is a great experience. There are two ways of eating out in the city: going to a restaurant for a traditional meal, or going out to a tapas bar – serving small portions of different dishes such as cured hams, seafood and meats. Of course, in many of Seville’s restaurants you can also order tapas portions at the bar, which is a great way to dine out and try some of Seville’s excellent cuisine without paying for a full sit down meal.

If you choose to dine out on tapas in Seville you’ll find a huge range of dishes. Much of the cuisine is influenced by Seville’s closeness to the Mediterranean and its Islamic past, so you’ll find plenty of seafood and fresh ingredients when dining out this way in Seville. International and vegetarian options are also starting to appear on more restaurant and tapas menus, so you should be able to find something for everyone when you dine out in Seville.