Seychelles: Backpacking

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Planning a true backpacker's holiday in Seychelles is extremely difficult. Prices reflect both the country's isolation and the prevalence of luxury tourism options. There is no backpacking accommodation in Seychelles: hostels are non-existent and camping is forbidden. Flights into the only international airport near the capital of Victoria are generally expensive enough to discourage backpackers in Seychelles. Those arriving without accommodation or a return flight booked will be required to make reservations before they leave the airport. At € 60 – 150 for a modest, double-occupancy room, bungalows, B&B's and self-catering guest houses are the cheapest accommodation options available. Realistically, accommodation and food will cost € 100 – 150 per person per day. Island-hopping, excursions and other activities will elevate costs further. On the plus side, public buses on Mahé and Praslin are very cheap, if somewhat infrequent.