Seychelles: Beach

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Beach holidays are what the Seychelles do best, and few, if any destinations in the world do them better. Glistening with powder-soft white or golden sands and bordered by tropical foliage, beaches in Seychelles will impress the most well-travelled sand seeker. The three largest islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue all boast a world-beating collection of beautiful beaches, and many other Seychelles islands offer equally stunning, but more isolated spots to slather on the sunscreen and soak up the sun. Seychelles beach vacations are great any time of the year, although prevailing winds will affect the choppiness of the sea and the frequency of quick, but intense cloudbursts.

With your own snorkel gear and beach towel, you'll have all you need to enjoy postcard-perfect stretches of Seychelles sand lapped by warm, clear waters brimming with colourful fish. Considering their unspoilt beauty and year-round appeal, Seychelles beaches are remarkably crowd-free compared to most popular sun n' surf destinations. Some Seychelles beaches are bordered by tide-buffed granite boulders in unique formations, while others epitomize a perfect tropical paradise, fringed by palm trees and deserted except for the odd sand-crab. Seychelles beach holidays are perfect for honeymooners, water sports aficionados and anyone looking for an idyllic, relaxing spell of sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling.