Seychelles: Couples Holiday

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A couples holiday in Seychelles is a wonderful option for a laid-back, romantic trip filled with natural beauty and sun-soaked activities. If the two of you are just looking to relax, you'll find wonderful, white-sand beaches with warm, inviting water within range of your accommodation, whether that's a 5-star villa or a cozy guest-house. From € 60 per night for a double-occupancy guest-house or B&B to 5-star prices for exclusive resorts and hotels, couples' vacations in Seychelles are available at multiple price points.

Active duos will find plenty to occupy their time, from island-hopping and exploring rare wildlife habitats through a range of exciting water-sports. Couples visiting Seychelles will also enjoy great meals together, whether at takeaway eateries featuring Creole favourites to higher-end restaurants offering fresh seafood al fresco. There's nothing quite so romantic as a stroll on a secluded Seychelles beach, whether the sun is sparkling off the water or the sky is filled with stars. Couples holidays in Seychelles allow you and your partner to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy each other's company in a tranquil, tropical setting: what could be better?