Seychelles: Cruises

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Several companies offer cruises with a Seychelles port of call, primarily between November to March. Itineraries vary from one year to the next, so you will want to work with a travel agent to find the best Seychelles cruise for you. Cruises to Seychelles often anchor between the two largest islands of Mahé and Praslin, giving passengers access to both. Mahé offers many easily-accessible beaches with soft, white sand and warm waters teeming with colourful sea-life. The sea averages between 27 and 29 °C all year, so you can count on swimming or snorkelling in Seychelles. Day trips to the primeval forest of Vallée de Mai, once described as the original Garden of Eden, are popular on the island of Praslin, which also boasts an impressive collection of gorgeous beaches. Seychelles cruises also typically offer excursions to La Digue, a laid-back island where everyone cycles and the locals use ox-carts.

Seychelles are multi-lingual (Creole, French, English) and friendly, so be sure to chat to some locals when you're ashore. Cruising in Seychelles is one way to sample the beauty and tranquility of the islands, but no doubt you'll wish you could stay longer, explore more beaches, and enjoy the Creole-flavoured ambiance for a few nights. As a cruise-ship destination, Seychelles is a gem that will leave you wanting more.