Seychelles: Culture and Arts

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In terms of major museums and historic monuments, Seychelles is not a top destination. However, these tiny tropical islands with their vibrant Creole culture honour a melange of traditions that enliven daily life. The Creole Festival, an international celebration featuring music, dance, poetry, art exhibitions, concerts and cuisine, is ideal for immersing oneself in Creole-flavoured artistic expression. This festival takes place in October every year; contact the official tourism board for specific dates. Of course, visitors interested in arts and culture in Seychelles will also observe many informal artistic and cultural pursuits as they explore the islands.

Year-round, small art galleries and private studios are intimate settings where visitors can often meet and chat to working artists. No doubt you'll be tempted by a certain piece that captures the essence of Seychelles culture for you. Artisans also produce a range of treasures, including wooden items and jewellery made from the stunning pearls nurtured just off-shore. History buffs will be fascinated by colonial-era remnants on Seychelles islands, including various plantation houses, the site of a former leper colony, and a settler's cemetery. In this vein, the National Museum in Victoria is a worthwhile stop for an overview of Seychelles' natural wonders and some interesting artifacts.